Mobile Fuel Filtration Trolleys

Mobile Fuel Conditioning / Filtration Trolley

Engineers field based 3stage fuel filtration trolley

Designed to be robust and rugged.

This trolley is feature rich and modular in design and comes complete with electronic control box with automatic pump protection and electric cut-out, inline particle analyser with digital read-out, stores up to 4,000 test results with the ability to download to PC.

There are various options with regards to filtration capabilities, twin 10 micron water removal (suspended and free standing), large capacity canister style filter with filter elements ranging from 25 – 1 microns, there are further choices of pumps 110V/230v or 415v with various flow rates.

Ease of operation is further enhanced with metal lances (pick/return) with flexible clear hose offering 2m in reach.

Technical Specifications:

Pump: Gear Pump
Electric Motor: 0.75kW 110/230 Volt single phase, 415V three phase electric motor
Flow (l/min): 30 L/min
Max. Operation Pressure: 5 bar
Viscosity Range: Min. operation 10 cStMax. Operation 150 cSt
Max. only for cold start 300 cSt
Suction Filter: Spin on M90 element
Filtration Rating: Standard unit has no element fitted, See options*
By-Pass valve: Visual indicator with combined electric cut-out switch
Fluid Temperature: From -10 to +80°C (fluid viscosity dependent)
Ambient Temperature: From -20 to +45°C
Protection Class: IP 55
Seal Material: NBR
Contamination Monitoring Product: ICM fitted as standard – ICM W M K R G1 (see applicable literature)
Fluid Compatibility: Mineral Oil
Suction hose – with lance: 3/4” length 2000 mm
Pressure hose – with lance: 3/4” length 2000 mm
Weight/Dimensions: 65kg, Height 930mm, Depth 730mm, Width 500mm


Mobile Fuel Conditioning / Filtration Trolley Dimensions