OTS TankCare fuels Oil4Wales FPS Fuel Accreditation first

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OTS TankCare fuels Oil4Wales FPS Fuel Accreditation first

Steve Gain of OTS TankCare, Colin Owens of Oil4Wales and Mark Askew of the FPS.

Tank and maintenance services from OTS TankCare fuelled a successful bid to become Wales’ first oil distributor to achieve a prestigious accreditation. Tanks operated by Oil4Wales at Carmarthen Depot were rigorously tested before being awarded the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers Fuel Certification Scheme for the superiority of its fuel and storage facilities. The scheme means customers can rely on the highest standards of service and quality of oil. Inspectors checked tanks at family-run Oil4Wales every quarter for particulate, water content and biological contamination before awarding the FPS kitemark for quality. OTS Managing Director Steve Gain said: “We’re delighted our tank and maintenance solution has helped Oil4Wales achieve this prestigious and historic accreditation. “By combining both OTS and TankCare we offer continuity of service from the design and build of the depot through to the maintenance of equipment finishing with the monitoring of fuel quality.” OTS provides similar managed solutions for local authorities, public transport specialists and other major companies. OTS are the preferred Oil4Wales depot builder, providing storage and maintenance solutions at two depots and one truck stop (Nanty Caws Lampeter and Cardiff). All equipment is provided on a turn key basis. OTS TankCare’s comprehensive package of tank maintenance and fuel testing has made it the preferred partner to roll out Fuel Certification Scheme accreditation across the UK.

“The FPS scheme sets new industry standards for fuel testing, cleansing and best practice for preventing contamination by water, particulates and microbial growth in storage tanks.”

Fuel Sampling and testing using the latest electronic equipment allowing for accurate results to be obtained on site. Tests are undertaken for water, microbial, particulate contamination. If necessary, further Laboratory based testing is also available. Oil4Wales Managing Director Colin Owens said achieving accreditation to the FPS Fuel Certification Scheme was a significant milestone for the company. He said: “It demonstrates that the fuel we are supplying to our customers is of an excellent quality. “As we continue to grow our customer base in our aim of becoming the national oil brand for Wales, being recognised by our industry body for the standard of our product and facilities will give new and existing customers peace of mind that what we are supplying has been tested for its cleanliness and is the best in the market. “At the same time as ensuring our products are of a high quality, we are investing time in educating consumers on the importance of cleaning and maintaining their oil tanks. If we are supplying clean fuel then problems won’t occur if the customer also has a clean tank.” FPS Chief Executive Mark Askew added that the certification scheme had advantages both for distributors and their customers. He said: “The FPS scheme sets new industry standards for fuel testing, cleansing and best practice for preventing contamination by water, particulates and microbial growth in storage tanks. “By declaring their tanks have been certified to this scheme – to guarantee fuel quality standards – participating fuel distributors will be able to draw a line under any disputes concerning fuel quality.” OTS TankCare is the service arm of OTS and are the preferred contractor elected to roll-out the FPS Fuel Accreditation Scheme. The company administers and delivers fuel sampling and testing in the field.


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