Sampling & Testing of Fuels in the Field

Sampling & Testing of Fuels in the Field - Van & Rig
Sampling & Testing of Fuels in the Field - Hand Held Analyser
Sampling & Testing of Fuels in the Field - Diesel Filter Sludge
Sampling & Testing of Fuels in the Field - Mobile Diesel Filtration Rig

TankCare (UK) is the Service and Products division of Oil Tanks Supplies (OTS) and provides Field based service support contracts for:

Fuel Sampling and testing using the latest electronic equipment allowing for accurate results to be obtained on site, tests are undertaken for water, microbial, particulate contamination, sulphur concentration levels, FAME and density, further Laboratory based testing is also available.

On-site Fuel Filtration/polishing service using either small mobile trolleys, multi-stage vehicle based systems up to fully containerised rigs totally self-sufficient for remote locations with flow rates up to 1,500LPM. These rigs have been designed to operate using the latest technology that allow for electronic monitoring of cleanliness levels (data can be viewed in real-time remotely via the web). The newly launched “Nanotechnology” E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Unit forms part of the equipment, this unit has also been incorporated in to all our retro fit recirculation solutions.

Fuel Quality and Tank Hygiene are key to maintaining vehicle fleets and engine sets deployed for Power Generation; we are able to demonstrate a minimum of 5% reduction if fuel costs along with increased engine output and as importantly a reduction in emissions by utilising our services and products.

Drop & Go Service

Mobile Diesel Fuel Filtration TrolleyFor companies that employ field based engineers we have developed a hire service for our filtration trolleys. We will at a pre-arranged day deliver to site a sterile unit, pre-configured and setup ready to use.

The trolley has built intelligence to monitor and record the fuel cleanliness levels, this data can be downloaded to PC in the field or as part of the TankCare service package be analysed on collection/return along with filter sampling with a detailed report produced combining all the data.

This “Drop and Go” service will allow engineers to be more productive without the Environmental and H&S issues surrounding contaminated equipment, all this will be dealt with by TankCare taking away these responsibilities.

Design, Build & Installation

Advanced Fuel Storage Tanks - Design & Build
Advanced Fuel Storage Tanks - Design, Build & Installation
Fuel Conditioning Unit - Retrofit

Full design, build and installation of fuel filtration systems, either fitted new as part of tank manufacture or “retro” fitting to existing storage tanks.

Ancillary Equipment Service Contracts

Fuel Storage Systems Equipment Service Contracts
Fuel Dispensing Systems Equipment Service Contracts
Fuel Conditioning/Polishing Systems Equipment Service Contracts
Fuel Management Systems Equipment Service Contracts
  • Commercial Fuel Dispensing Pumps
Fuel Management Systems
  • Electronic Tank Gauging
  • Fuel Filtration / Recirculation Systems