The ULTIMATE Multi-Stage Fuel Polishing & Fuel Conditioning System

& The ONLY Fuel Quality System to Incorporate Nanotechnology

Fuel Polishing & Conditioning System - TankCareDesigned to preserve the refined quality during storage, this compact unit provides three  stage filtration as standard. In operation it will extract suspended water and remove particulate contamination to less than 5micron using a ‘cartridge free’ centrifuge filter. The process also uses Purefuels ‘magnetic technology’ to enhance the efficiency of the filter system.

The system is managed by a colour ‘touch screen’ which can be  pre-programmed either in the factory or via web based software.

The equipment’s flexibility lies in the remote updating of the system and the ability to react to fuel cleanliness determined in ‘real-time’. Laser particulate technology allows real time monitoring of the tank fill pipe for truly proactive fuel quality management.

Other features include the TankCare E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Unit which uses  ‘nanotechnology’ to provide on-going quality treatment during storage.

The compound effect of all the above technologies have not only set the standard for  achieving absolute  cleanliness levels in line with the WorldWide Fuels Charter benchmarks,  but have also provided an effective counter-measure to microbial infestations as well as a significant breakthrough in the fight against  tank sludge build – thus taking out the need for costly regular tank cleaning.

The  net result is to refine fuel to its original condition and reverse fuel degradation, restoring calorific value and BTU’s.

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Incorporating E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Nanotechnology

E3-Plus Fuel Conditioning Unit


Incorporating a Two-Stage Diesel Fuel Purification System

Two-Stage Centrifugal Fuel FilterA two-stage fuel treatment system to clean and stabilise your fuel

With ports ranging from ½” to 4” and flow rates up to 44 700LPH we offer a wide range of filters to suit all applications.

The separator is based on surface tension principle and resonance or dwell time. Since diesel and water have different surface tension as well as density, when a mixture of diesel and water is spread over a large area, water droplets and large solids will separate from the fuel.

With fuel running through a bed of activated alumina to cause the water and solids to group together. The clean fuel is drawn out of the unit and into the fuel system.

Water and contamination is drained from the bottom of the unit.


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