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When operational resilience matters

Emergency Generators – fuel quality test and treatment

Fuel contamination could be the weak link in emergency power generation systems relying on diesel fuel supplies. This issue applies wherever operational resilience is crucial. For example in call centres, emergency response and rescue centres, distribution warehouses, hospitals and infrastructure,  such as road transport tunnels.

Typically these facilities incorporate a small capacity fuel storage tank and a back up replenishment arrangement. Fuel is consumed as the generators are run up from time to time to check availability in the event of any disruption to the primary power supplies.

Since the fuel  could be left standing over time, precautions should be taken to prevent the build-up of microbial contamination.

Preventative maintenance offered by OTS TankCare division include fuel quality test and treatment services. This involves recirculation of the generator fuel tank contents through a fine filter screen.

Customers can choose either to install a continuous filtration recycling pack or alternatively, for smaller capacity tanks, it would be more efficient to implement a fuel quality procedure, based on test samples with spot treatment provided as necessary by using a mobile conditioning trolley.


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