E3 PLUS Fuel Conditioning System

E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Technology – Maximizing value in your fuel system

E3 PLUSThe E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Unit (FPU) is a groundbreaking innovation in the way fuel quality is maintained, helping to safeguard continuity in quality, optimising fuel performance.

E3 PLUS is a proven nanotechnology that emits two types of charged particles. The first particle vibrates the fuel clusters at a wavelength of resonant frequency, breaking unstable bonds that have formed through natural degradation.

The de-clustered molecules are then ionised and stabilised by E3 Anion particles, whilst neutralising free radicals.

This reversal of natural degradation has the effect of restoring calorific and BTU levels, bringing the fuel back to a newly refined condition, giving the user maximum performance from their fuel through higher energy release during combustion.

The E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Unit

The FPU houses an insulated chamber specifically designed to reflect and intensify E3 PLUS emissions, altering and stabilising the fuel instantaneously as it passes through.
E3 Plus Fuel Conditioning Unit

The E3 PLUS FPU will do the following:

  • Reverse fuel degradation

  • De-cluster and stabilize hydrocarbon chains

  • Stop paraffin waxing

  • Inhibit microbial contamination and growth

  • Restore calorific value and BTU’s

  • Improve fuel viscosity and density

  • Stop sludge formation when used in a recirculation system


  • Fuel distribution and storage
  • Aviation
  • Power Generation
  • Marine


External: Stainless steel body
Internal: Stainless steel 304L, mild steel, E3 PLUS components.


The E3 PLUS FPU is a simple to fit product that requires no maintenance.
The FPU is guaranteed to work effectively for a minimum of 3 years. To ensure continued performance of the fuel system it is recommended that the FPU is replaced within 1-2 months after the 3 year period.

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