OTS TankCare set to drive UK fuel cleanliness levels to new high following sole distribution agreement with world leading Filtration Manufacturer, DieselPure.

DieselPure Systems have been designed, tested and certified to the latest and most stringent standard, SAE: J1488_201010, this is the latest iteration and sets the standard for filtration media. DieselPure attained a 100% efficiency rating for the removal of emulsified water when testing ULSD and Jet Fuel. It is this standard that OTS sees as the “go to” standard for UK and Europe and one we recommend for strategic fuel tanks providing critical system backup for Data Centres, Banks, Emergency Services, MOD, Hospitals where reliance on fuel quality is paramount.

DieselPure 100 DieselPure 200

Emulsified Water

ULSD(B7) and Biodiesel blends mandated in the last few years have caused new problems within the industry. These blends are hydroscopic Biodiesel being able to absorb 40 times more emulsified water than diesel.

  • Biodiesel could have 1500+ ppm water, under EN 14214:2009 and BS EN 590 the permissible allowable water content is  200ppm.
  • Emulsified water leads to faster decay and formation of solids in fuel, explosive microbial growth and potential acidification of the fuel supply.
  • Most users and filter manufacturers are not yet aware of the full impact potential and the corrosive effect to key components within the tank and downstream pipe work. 
  • Traditional filters do not work (Uptime Report)

Emulsified water


We are now seeing signs of advanced corrosion within storage tanks and downstream equipment, this in part is due to changes in fuel types and water ingress via “delivered in fuel” in suspension, free standing and possible condensation.

Before ULSD and biodiesel, Microbial contamination or more commonly known as “diesel bug” promulgates on the sludge/water interface and can double in size every 20 minutes.

With ULSD and biodiesel, the increase in emulsified water permits microbial growth everywhere in the volume of the fuel, leading to explosive microbial growth, the downstream effect is “filter plugging” and possible secretion of acetic acid, hence the signs of rapid corrosion.

Our mantra is “remove the water, remove the problem”. Dry the fuel, remove emulsified water and remove free standing water, our systems are tested and certified to SAE: J1488_201010 and attained 100% efficiency rating.

Corrosion images

Corroded ULSD Tank equipment: Corroded carbon steel submersible turbine pump (STP) shaft removed from pump housing, CA-1 (left), brass ball float extractor cage plug, NY-2 (middle), aluminum drop tube, NC-1 (right).  Source - Battelle Report

Environmental Impact

DieselPure removes the risks of corrosion to tanks, pipes and gensets, and the related business risks of business continuance in case of emergency.

Provide secondary filter, SmartSponge, an enzyme based filter, that cleans the oily water so the cleaned water can be disposed down the drain, no longer hazmat, no need to store, truck away, and dispose of water.

  • Rejuvenates and sustains fuel indefinitely

  • Cleans tanks of sludge, particulates and microbial growth

  • Removes unlimited amounts of water, emulsified and free standing, drying the fuel, preventing acetic acid formation

  • Improves fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emission

  • Prevents acid production and corrosion in tanks, pipes and engines

  • Fuel never has to be disposed or wasted

  • The extracted oily water is processed through SmartSponge™

Does your filtration system meet the latest standard SAE J1488_201010? Call us on 01386 842891 to discuss how DieselPure can improve your fuel filtration.

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