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If you are storing diesel you should be taking precautions to avoid the effects of microbial fuel contamination.

Facilities Management ServicesOur service starts with a fixed price visit to inspect your tank installation and obtain onsite fuel samples. The OTS TankCare™ service engineer will be able to provide an immediate assessment which will be backed up by a more detailed survey report including an analysis of the samples. From this information we can discuss appropriate treatment, service plans and prices.

OTS TankCare™ Mobile Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing provide a cost effective service to maintain fuel quality.

We offer the most advanced fuel and tank cleaning systems available backed up with before and after onsite fuel testing.

Contaminated fuel can damage equipment and is expensive to replace. Fuel polishing is one of the most economical methods of increasing the useful life of your fuel, by removing harmful sludge, water and other contaminants from storage tanks

For long term support we can provide ongoing planned and preventative maintenance and monitoring that is critical to ensuring optimum tank and product conditions are maintained.

Tank cleaning and tank retrofitting will be carried out in accordance with an agreed service plan. For a customer with a large network of sites, it might be worth considering undertaking the initial site survey and fuel sampling across the whole network of sites, to provide an overall assessment of the complete tank farm asset. With this information, it will be easier to provide recommendations and proposals for an operational plan that will best target the right treatments and provide the most cost effective schedule.

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